No Where Else to Go

“My family moved from Arizona to Ohio to stay at my parents to help regain control financially.  The economy had other plans and after only a few months, I learned that I was pregnant with my second child.  No jobs and no vehicle of our own and a new addition was not something we had anticipated or planned for.  I worried about how we were going to make it let alone afford to take care of another child.  I had heard of a Pregnancy Care Center, although I was reluctant to call, for fear of the unknown I guess, until I finally made the call and appointment for Earn While You Learn Program.  I was welcomed with warm smiles and open arms.  The day I met my peer counselor, she instantly made me feel welcome and unjudged.  The help and kindness I have found inside of your doors is truly irreplaceable.  My counselor has become someone that I can trust and confide in.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”