By Bekah Hilty & Reverand Rickey Brown, Contributor

I recently had lunch with a good friend who wanted to learn more about what it means to be Pro-Life vs. Pro-Birth. I was eager to have this conversation because so many times, those who consider themselves to be Pro-Life, are accused of only caring about the baby. They will say that we do not care about the woman or what happens to the child after it is born. With an upcoming election, where this is a very heated topic, I felt it was really important to share my, along with so many others, stance on this. As someone who considers themselves to be Pro-Life, I find I get disheartened when the we are accused of only caring about the baby. To be honest, I am Pro-Birth. But, it is because I am Pro-Life. And when I say Pro-Life, I mean from the womb to the tomb. I believe that God created every single life for a purpose, that every human being has value, and they deserve a chance to live out that purpose.

This past month I attended a service about the sanctity of life. At that service one of our local pastors, Reverend Rickey Brown, spoke on the importance of human life. He said, “If the child is to live, and have the chance to experience the dignity of life, then you also have to be concerned about providing the means for survival. That’s where we come in and we provide or guide them to those resources. The two go together like a hand and glove.”

"If the child is to live...then you have to be concerned about providing means for survival."

I am Pro-Birth because I believe that God created that tiny little baby for a greater purpose. And I believe that everyone deserves to have an opportunity to live out that purpose. But as someone who claims to be Pro-Life, I believe it is our duty to provide resources and support to the moms and dads. If they make the brave choice to keep their baby then I want to empower them and give them all the resources we can to help them succeed in raising that child or help them through the adoption process. Our responsibility is not to just tell people they matter, but to show them.

Our responsibilty is not to just tell people they matter, but to show them.

I have the privilege to work at a non-profit Pregnancy Care Center in our community with an amazing group of staff and volunteers who show love to our community every single day. Do we want moms and dads to choose life for their baby? Absolutely. But we also are there to support them every step of the way if they allow us. Our services are free and confidential. When they walk into our building, they are walking into an environment that is safe, kind and free of any judgement.

We help them with finding prenatal care, insurance, we offer them parenting classes, financial counseling, we help them find employment, housing and so much more. We go into schools and educate middle school and high schoolers the importance of making healthy choices and setting goals. We go into local jails and rehabilitation facilities to help women and men get back on their feet and believe in themselves. We do whatever we can to set them up for success. And we aren’t the only ones. There are Pregnancy Centers all over the country and world that do the very same thing.

I write all of this to say, that I am Pro-Life; In every sense of the word. I want the critics to know that we do care and we live that out each day. For me, there is no versus when it comes to Pro-Life and Pro-Birth.

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