Healthy Choices Team Attends OAHC Conference on Youth

Preparing for the new school year, Responsible Social Values Program teachers Sylvia Bowman, Kate Hopek, Phil Klinefelter, and special speaker Karen Logsdon attended a "Conference on Youth" from the Ohio Adolescent Health Center and Alliance for Healthy Youth.  This was a jam packed day of great speakers like Javier Sanchez from the Be Present Campaign, Jesse Weinberger, multiple local Judges, and other great program directors.  This great day also featured the Friends4Friends Film Festival where 7 youth-made prevention films were shown and awards given to the students. 

Trainings and sessions like this help give fresh perspective as we talk with students throughout the year. Sylvia said that "The conference not only inspired me to encourage and empower kids to be the best version of themselves, it help me realize that it's so important for me to make changes and grow as well!"

Now it's "back to school" for the Healthy Choices staff!