Posted September 30, 2020
By Bekah Hilty & Reverand Rickey Brown, Contributor I recently had lunch with a good friend who wanted to learn more about what it means to be Pro-Life vs. Pro-Birth. I was eager to have this conversation because so many times, those who consider themselves to be Pro-Life, are accused of only... Read More
Posted September 20, 2018
Preparing for the new school year, Responsible Social Values Program teachers Sylvia Bowman, Kate Hopek, Phil Klinefelter, and special speaker Karen Logsdon attended a "Conference on Youth" from the Ohio Adolescent Health Center and Alliance for Healthy Youth.  This was a jam packed day of great... Read More
Posted July 13, 2018
Several PCC staff and volunteers attended a CPR (Basic Life Support) Certification class through Aultman Orrville Hospital.  This class taught invaluable skills and knowledge in a time of crisis.  Whether you are walking through Walmart, during a church service or in your own home, you could be... Read More
Posted March 13, 2018
For mom Jennifer and her daughters London and Kennedy, "Diaper Sleeper Days" at Orrville Christian Missionary Alliance was a great opportunity to support moms in our community by donating sleepers and diapers to the Pregnancy Care Center.  They were "so excited" to shop for sleepers together, and... Read More
Posted March 13, 2018
Long time Client Advocate Kathy Amstutz enjoys meeting with her clients each week and watching their little ones grow!  Here at the PCC our free parenting classes are growing in demand!  One-on-one support as well as partnership in the community means that our parenting classes can cover a variety... Read More
Posted February 16, 2018
A great new group for international men and women has been meeting on Saturdays at the PCC.  Each meeting is full of food, fun, and fellowship!  Men's Ministry Director Phil Klinefelter leads the class through difficult topics like the "Anatomy of an Argument".  If you are interested in attending... Read More