Parenting Classes


Parenting Classes


   1.) The goal of PCC’s parenting classes is to help moms and dad learn the skills needed to be the best parents they can be.

   2.) Classes are available for both moms and dads

   3.) These classes have been accepted by our wayne county court system and Wayne County Children’s Services for individuals court ordered to take parenting classes.


EARN WHILE YOU LEARN (EWLY) lessons are designed to help moms and dads gain information that will help them as they raise their children. The curriculum is written in simple and easily understood language to give moms and dads of all ages the opportunity to learn and grow. In other words, this curriculum is designed to be simple, effective, and powerful.

The EWYL curriculum is divided into lessons covering large subjects like Pregnancy, Parenting, Toddlers, Fatherhood, etc. Each lesson contains individual modules that are made up of 5 lessons each. Some lessons have up to 11 modules (55 lessons) and some have as few as 2 modules (10 lessons). A client advocate provides a one-on-one or small group experience depending on the student preference. For example, mom or dad may attend alone, together, or bring a friend or family member to the lesson.

For attending and participating in these lessons, you will receive “pregnancy bucks” that can be spent at our supply shop for items such as diapers, clothing, baby blankets and all things “baby."