Men of Honor



Men of Honor


Men of Honor is a series of lessons focused on teaching men to become all that they are capable of in their roles as successful fathers.


The curriculum used in the Men of Honor (MOH) classes is that of Dr. Robert M. Lewis entitled Men’s Franternity. Robert Lewis is the pastor-at-large for Fellowship Bible Church in Little Rock, Arkansas. When this curriculum is combined with the caring leadership of the MOH facilitator, great positive change takes place in the participants' lives.


Through this powerful study, men learn to reject passivity, accept responsibility, lead courageously, and expect God’s greater reward. Some of the ways the MOH staff have been successful in helping men in bringing about change in their personal lives are:


Supporting men by participating in family visits at Wayne County Children services.

Helping young men who are becoming fathers at an unplanned time in their lives.

Working with Wayne County Social Service Agencies to help MOH participants meet the goals set for them.

Supplying information concerning the procedures for proving paternity.

Assist fathers in setting up a nursery for their children by providing infant clothing, diapers, baby supplies, etc.

Most importantly, is the relationship that is built between the MOH facilitator and the men being served.