Infant Loss & Grieving

Infant Loss and Grieving Program

We know that infant loss is a significant time of need for families. It doesn't matter how it happens, it is difficult. We provide one-on-one support that includes prayer, comforting words, and a way to get through such difficult situations. 

Additionally, our staff has develped several Bible Studies specific to the various stages of loss and grief in which you may find yourself. Our team is waiting to help you, and all you need to do is reach out. You are not alone!


Bible Studies

Karen Logsdon, PCC Support Group Facilitator and Healthy Choices Speaker, offers a Bible Study entitled, Threads of Hope, Pieces of Joy, for those who have lost a child during pregnancy, due to adoption, or through the death of an infant. 

True healing comes from God through His Word. Would you journey with the Lord into the hope of His healing? Karen offers this Bible Study by appointment at the PCC— for women, for couples, and even for groups.

To connect with Karen, please call The Pregnancy Care Center at 330.264.5880 (or text 330.294.9649).


Sara Barber, Hope for Deeper Healing Group Facilitor, offers two Bible Studies at the PCC.

Refuge... My Safe Place, is a grief recovery Bible Study that brings healing into the heart of those who have suffered loss in life — and who hasn't?

Portraits... Unveiled Freedom, is for those experiencing the after-affects of abortion. Regardless if this was recent or decades ago, it was a trauma and leaves a scar. Are you ready to heal?

Call the Pregnancy Care Center at 330.264.5880 (or text 330.294.9649) to find out when the next study will be held (or to talk with someone).