Healthy Choices




Healthy Choices for Healthy Teens


Schools are important to us at the Pregnancy Care Center! We strive to start our support and our message of abstinence in the classrooms for 6th through 12th grade!

Our Healthy Choices for Healthy Teens program has been welcomed by school administrators throughout Wayne and Holmes Counties. This program has allowed us to present our message to approximately 3000 students annually!! 

Healthy Choices for Healthy Teens utilizes the RSVP (Responsible Social Values Program) as a way of teaching self-control in avoiding sexual activity, drug and alcohol use. We do this through demonstrations, games and role-playing with students. We help them to learn respect for themselves and others, self-responsibility, and to recognize the positive or negative consequences for one's own actions. We focus on helping students to understand the necessity courage and honesty in developing healthy relationships with peers.    



       GRADES 6-8 TOPICS:

        Positive friendship qualities

        Resisting peer pressure

        Delayed gratification

        Goal setting

        Dating responsibilities; including dating violence education

        Risks of sexual activity

        Benefits of healthy choices

        Parenting responsibilities

        Setting physical boundaries

        Skills for making healthy decisions


       GRADES 9-12 TOPICS:

        The outcome of sexual activity before marriage

        Teen pregnancy


        Emotional effects of unhealthy choices

        Love vs. infatuation

        Secondary virginity

        Setting limits and boundaries

        Dating violence/date rape


        Drugs and alcohol and how they relate to sexual behavior