Creating Options

For some, being pregnant seems like the end of the world, so they decide to terminate the pregnancy immediately. The reality is that there is a young life that needs care, and it is hanging in the balance. You should make this type of decision with the help of reliable counsel. That is where the Pregnancy Care Center of Wayne County can be of assistance. Call 330-264-5880 24/7.

Think Carefully

This is the only chance at life you will get. Guilt about hastily made pregnancy decisions is a heavy burden to bear.

Let us help you consider other options so that you will not have to face tomorrow with regret.




Commitment of Care and Compentency

The Pregnancy Care Center of Wayne County, Inc. complies with the NIFLA Commitment of Care and Competence.  For more information please visit https://nifla.org/membership-benefits/commitment-of-care/